Autumn exploring on a bike in the north-west of Scotland

The weather has just been phenomenal the last couple of months in Scotland, allowing some big mountain bike rides to continue long into the autumn season when usually it is a time we all want to hide in the low level woods for shelter against the weather.

We have cycled in Torridon, Lochaber and Skye plus further north but if I give the location away then it could end up being overridden 🙂 We have explored new areas and ridden what had been possibly virgin trails to the two wheeled bicycle.

The satisfaction and feeling of adventure carrying your bike for hours into the unknown to then descend a ribbon of single track that puts a smile on your face as you power round every corner is like nothing else. The exploration of what were once old stalkers paths and pony tracks is exciting and usually rewarding on two wheels…….although there are days when you feel like your taking your bike for a walk, this has occurred in the years of exploring. Or when you just accept that a trail is simply more enjoyable to walk, take photos and take in the views, stashing the bikes once a period of stubbornness has past!

Come and explore with us, or ride some of the trails we have discovered, and very few folk have ridden before.


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I am the owner of the business West Coast Biking. A company providing tailor-made cycling trips on the west coast of Scotland.

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